Leadership Track
This track is perfect for mid-level managers, young professionals and directors looking to enhance both their careers and personal growth.

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Clarity – The Visionary Leader’s Drug of Choice

Ara Bagdasarian

Presented by Ara Bagdasarian — Omnilert

Being able to have a clear picture of what the future looks like and conveying the vision to your team enables leaders to accomplish incredible outcomes. Key takeaways are elements of vision, creating vision, communicating vision, and realizing vision.


Create Your Virtual Dream Team

Friderike Butler

Presented by Friderike Butler — Butler Communication – Developing Creative Leaders

Are you a small business owner and team leader, who are always looking to do more with less resource? Are you wearing a million different hats and struggling to manage your time effectively?

This workshop busts 2 mega time management myths and introduces participants to 3 simple virtual team building tools to boost your productivity, (re)introduce some fun in your work days and build efficient virtual dream teams. Be prepared to be surprised on how simple it can be to look, feel and operate like a successful Big Boss.


Transforming Leadership Models: Mindful Leadership Is a Mindset in Action

Silvia Christmann

Presented by Silvia Christmann — Silvia Christmann

A mindful leader has the ability to translate their values into actions, and engage a group of people to collectively move in the same direction. They lead by example and inspire those around them to maximize their engagement, motivation, and overall success. While there are many approaches to leadership, ultimately it’s the mindful leader that drives the most impactful results.

In this talk, I will outline the benefits of leading mindfully and the advantages of inclusive and diverse company cultures, revealing a practical system for becoming a true leader of leaders.


Is Bipartisanship Dead? Not by a Long Shot

Lisa Gable

Presented by Lisa Gable, former US Ambassador — Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)

While the nation’s capital is at its most divided, a cadre of Republicans and Democrats — refugees from earlier administrations — is quietly reaching over political divides to get the nation’s work done. Despite the loud rhetoric from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, there are a core group of us who have served in multiple administrations who hail from industries outside of Washington, who hold different points of view, who find ways to collaborate.

Take-a-ways: When working with those individuals who don’t share your personal philosophy (political, religious, approach to business) always remember:

  • Focus on personal consideration, listening and respect
  • Know that if you want to succeed, you can’t expect others to approach the problem in the identical way, so it becomes imperative to do things differently
  • Turn the idea on its head
  • Think of new paths
  • Be bold