Power Track
A high-level track for executives, CEO’s and established business owners.

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It Takes a Team to Climb a Mountain

Mozella P. Ademiluyi

Presented by Mozella P. Ademiluyi — Mountain Peak Strategies

The first time Mozella Perry Ademiluyi attempted to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, frankly, the glacier-capped 19,341′ colossus kicked her butt. The disappointment was crushing. But a decade later she was back, turning her failure to triumph. What changed? And how can you use her insights to uplevel YOUR life and achieve your own breathtaking goals? Mozella is a sought-after international keynote speaker and productivity expert. She shares her spellbinding stories of adventure and practical insights from the mountain peak to empower forward-thinking women leaders to Rise to the Challenge™ and achieve extraordinary goals for themselves, their businesses and organizations.

Speaker Intro: It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to an amazing woman, who travels the world teaching women leaders how to Rise to the Challenge™ and achieve extraordinary goals for themselves, their businesses and organizations. Her spellbinding stories of adventure, and practical insights from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, will inspire you to navigate life and business in a fundamentally different way than ever before to create the life and business you deserve.


The Sirens, the Sage and the Superpowers: The Secrets of Getting Out of Your Own Way and Building Unshakeable Confidence

Liz Fletcher Brown

Presented by Liz Fletcher Brown — Life Mastery International LLC

On average, women have a much greater fear of failure than men? Studies show that we are so averse to failure that it stops us from starting a business we’d love, applying for that dream job, writing the book that stays in our head, asking for the raise we rightfully deserve. It keeps us undercharging for our work, and not showing up for opportunities unless we are 100% sure we will nail them.

And it’s not all in our heads…. there are powerful forces within you that want you to stay the same. But with applied insight and the right tools, you can confidently step out and let your brilliance shine!
You will leave this session with practical tools to:

  • Discover what your Survival Bubble is, how it keeps you living small, and 3 key steps to leap outside it
  • Recognize your subconscious saboteurs and know how to silence them once and for all
  • Clarify and get focused on what you really want
  • Have more confidence and belief in yourself
  • Identify your superpowers and discover how they are significant to your success

If you’ve been waiting in the wings of life when you know you should be on center stage, dancing full out, holding nothing back, then come to this powerful and transformative session. Each participant will receive Liz’s companion e-workbook and an invitation to a live, online follow up Q&A session.


The Power of You

Jane Lovas, PhD

Presented by Jane Lovas, PhD — Lovas Consulting

There is a power within you that is greater than you know. This is the power that inspires to transforms and motivates to action. When you can access that power “on demand” you’ll be amazed at the possibilities that you can create in your business.

We live in a time that requires transformation. As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.” You can access this new consciousness from where new solution will come.

Jane will show you how to access your power and new consciousness from which to create new solutions to the problems that we are experiencing.

  • How to access your power
  • Why The Power of You is key to transforming your business
  • How limiting beliefs present you from accessing your power
  • How your power is tied to your gifts and talents
  • How your power motivates you to action


Breaking Through to a New You

Tareaz Pegues

Presented by Tareaz Pegues — Pegues Branding Group, LLC

Are you falling victim to the stress of success? Are the competing demands of being in charge overshadowing your desire to be in control?

Senior Growth & Engagement Consultant Tareaz Pegues works closely with executives who want to be the best version of themselves, helping them break through to the next level of success and happiness in their lives.

Join Tareaz for an interactive discussion during #VAbizCon, and learn to:

  • Articulate a vision for your future self
  • Recognize patterns that are preventing your breakthrough
  • Identify what’s needed to unleash a new you