Power Track – 2017
A high-level track for executives, CEO’s and established business owners.

Keys to Power – “Surround Yourself With Powerful People!”

Jan Molino

Presented by Jan Molino, Aspire Ascend – “Advancing Women’s Achievements”
The biggest key to building power is to surround yourself with powerful people—your network is your power. Building strong alliances and strategic networks are critical for today’s leader. Your mandate as a senior leader is to have and use your power. Getting comfortable and learning the tools to building and influencing a “power network” is critical for success.

Strategic networking creates a “Virtuous Cycle”: A more powerful network increases your visibility, and that visibility increases your power and status, which in turn increases your ability to build and maintain the right kind of relationships that will help you get more done more easily and efficiently. The time you spend on building your power network has a demonstrative impact on your success as a leader.

As a senior executive, you have a busy life. You probably travel often and deal with complicated client/customer situations. And, if you’re a woman executive, you often add to your responsibilities and make sure the kids have childcare when they are sick and remain in charge of other household work.

So, female executives in particular have to make the most out of their time and make sure that networking efforts yield the highest value results. Your efforts should be on strategically building relationships with powerful people.

In this presentation, you will learn how to do that. We will discuss the critical areas of power and relationships, social networks and influence, communications and your image – how you come across to others – and how to enhance it. You will gain a deeper understanding of professional and social networks, and techniques to influence individuals and groups.

Setting Relationships up for Success

Allison Mullins

Presented by Alison Mullins, Rich Rosenthal Brincefield Manitta Dzubin & Kroeger, LLP
This seminar is about fostering positive relationships through contracts. The success of a relationship is primarily about expectations – setting, managing, and meeting expectations. In business, contracts are the key method by which expectations are set. Contracts are important for your business both internally (employment, and shareholder agreements) and externally (client, and vendor agreements). This presentation blends the black and white letter of the law with the personal side of contracts.

Have It ALL!

Keri Shull

Presented by Keri Shull, The Keri Shull Team
As women, mothers, wives, and business leaders, for many of us the list of what’s left to do can be long at the end of each day. The cycle of never feeling caught up leads to feeling overwhelmed, guilt, and a lack of self-care. This session will be about how to get rid of guilt and live a more passionate purposeful life.

In this session, we will identify your top priorities and be realistic about what is getting in the way. We will use a simple formula to eliminate time-wasters and have you leave the room ready to conquer your schedule and live a more purposeful life.