Power Track
A high-level track for executives, CEO’s and established business owners.

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Aspire Ascend

Permission To Thrive: Planning Your Business to Mirror Your Life

Francisca Alonso
Presented by Francisca Alonso — AV Architects + Builders

Successful entrepreneur Francisca Alonso will challenge and inspire you to master plan your business for success. Her proven approach to work-life balance will give you the perspective – and the permission – to grow your business at your own pace, let life lead the way, and relax knowing you can have it all. This ultimate reality check for busy women in business will give you the freedom to thrive. Don’t miss it!


  • A new perspective on success.
  • A renewed sense of purpose and passion.
  • The peace and calm that comes from the freedom and the permission to master plan your life and work.

Resilient Leadership

Renee Branson
Presented by Renee Branson — RB Consulting, LLC

As leaders, it is imperative that we not only cultivate resilience and well-being in our own professional lives, but foster them in the people and teams we lead every day. Understanding how resilience impacts not only our well-being, but our performance allows us to be healthier, happier, and more successful. In this session, we will explore the six different domains of resilience as well as specific tools for improving our skills in these different areas. The session is designed to be interactive, so come ready to share and experience!

The Power of Networking – Panel

Jan Molino
Taney Hamill
Alison Mullins
Presented by:
——Jan Molino — Aspire Ascend
——Taney Hamill — Aging Life Care Association
——Alison Mullins — Shannon Mullins & Wright LLP

Your network is your power! Building a powerful network requires work, creativity, and tenacity. It means putting in the effort to develop lasting relationships and adding value to every connection without asking for anything in return.

Networking is all about the long-game! It does not happen overnight and you need to be able to develop trust and credibility with your network. Exchanging business cards in a single meeting is not going to get you anywhere and can’t even remotely be considered networking. And you need a CONFIDENT ATTITUDE! Think about it…when you are surrounded by high caliber people, you up your game! You are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with.