2016 – Wellness Track
No matter what your age or where you are in your professional career, this track is for you. Always invest in yourself. “The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Is Your Grocery Cart Making You Sick, Tired and Fat?

Anita Capizzi

Presented by Anita Capizzi, R.N., CHC, Real Food Real Health, LLC

Corporate America is overworked, overstressed and oversugared! That created fertile ground for chronic disease to take hold in the body. Therefore, prevention of disease has to start with what we eat. This presentation includes a sugar demo showing just how much sugar we are consuming on a daily basis if we eat the standard American diet – it’s a jaw dropper! You will walk away understanding the health dangers of processed foods, you will learn the best way to navigate the grocery store and you will learn how to use nutrition as a wellness tool.


Women and Their Colons: Things You Didn’t Know or Didn’t Want to Ask!

Dr. Lynda Sue Dougherty

Presented by Dr. Lynda Sue Dougherty, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Let’s face it, not many of us openly discuss colon and rectal issues or even pay attention to signs that may indicate we need to be. Just because we don’t, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t!

But where do you begin?

For starters, join this conversation hosted by Lynda Sue Dougherty, MD, FACS, FASCRS – Washingtonian Magazine’s “Top Doctor” 2005-2015 and one of the few female colon and rectal surgeons in the country. Dr. Dougherty brings a unique perspective that may help patients, both male and female alike, discuss their symptoms and concerns. We will be speaking openly and candidly about the things you didn’t know or didn’t want to ask about women and their colons. Knowledge is power and you will see you are not alone!


Extraordinary Health Made Easy “Top Secrets to Increase Your Bottom Line And Live Longer”

Elaine Gibson

Presented by Elaine Gibson, Owner and Health Life Style Designer, Renewed Living

“Feeling healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury – it is an absolute necessity” – Elinor Roosevelt, wise words by a wise woman to live by.

My goal is to share with you what I learned while fighting for my life, so that you can use this information to empower yourself to make healthier choices, take action, and create a lifestyle that brings you: extraordinary health, extraordinary business, and extraordinary life.

Join me and claim your extraordinary!


Taking Care of You: Making Health & Wellness a Priority for Business Success

Ingrid Vaicius

Presented by Ingrid Vaicius, Owner, Ingrid Vaicius, LLC

In today’s fast-paced world, too many of us relegate our health to the back burner as something we will take care of “when we have time and/or after we achicve success.” It’s time to turn that approach around. Self-care and wellness are key for business success. When we take care of ourselves, our body and mind work at their full potential allowing us to be more efficient, creative, and effective leaders. In this workshop you will learn self-care and wellness strategies that will help your body and mind thrive. You will come out of this workshop with 3 wellness strategies that are easy to incorporate into daily life and will have a huge impact on your health and productivity.


Panel – Integrative Approaches for Comprehensive Wellness

Join four integrative health professionals for a deeper dive into how to achieve optimal health, longevity and vitality. We will discuss and provide nutrition, exercise and stress management recommendations above and beyond mainstream basics of good health. There will be time for individual questions.

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