Skills Workshop
This track offers strategies and tactics to grow your business. Learn about the latest skills and tools to run your business efficiently and enhance communication with your customers.

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Get Paid What You’re Worth – The Least You Should Know About Negotiation

Emily Barrosse
Presented by Emily Barrosse — Bold in Business

It’s 2019 and women in corporate America make $.80 cents for every dollar her male counterpart makes. For entrepreneurs, it’s even worse with most women entrepreneurs making $.72 cents for every dollar male entrepreneurs make. Self-employed women struggle twice as much as men when it comes to setting rates, and women in organizations need to start demanding more. If you are a woman who is tired of making less and ready to say, “this is what I am worth and this is my price,” this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, we will talk about how to ask for more money:

  • For women in organizations – how to make the compelling case for more
  • For women entrepreneurs – how to set higher prices that reflect your true value

We will cover strategies for earning more, and the critical negotiation knowledge and skills that every woman needs.

Get Work Off Your Plate. Grow Your Business & Avoid the High Cost of Hiring

Mary Sue Dahill
Presented by Mary Sue Dahill — Work Smarter Digital

Its 4:30pm, you are tired and just starting the strategic, business building work on your “to-do” list. Every day, you are spending most of your time doing administrative tasks to support your business and not enough to grow your business. Don’t let your business own you. Automate the routine, administrative tasks to get work off your plate and avoid the high cost of hiring. Focus that new found time on building your business, developing key relationships or enjoying the perfect margarita.

Brand Yourself Through Video Like a Celebrity – Even if You’re Terrified Being On Camera

Aliyah Dastour
Presented by Aliyah Dastour — Alimond Studios

Discover how you can begin branding yourself through video marketing to achieve the business growth you desire. This track is for people that hate to be on camera but understand the importance of videos.

You will receive a workbook that takes you through our blueprint so you can show up like a celebrity and begin massively growing your visibility online.