Skills Workshop – 2017
An interactive workshop for those seeking actionable business skills that will make a difference and provide growth for you and your company.

Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day – or Less!

Linda Griffin

Presented by Linda Griffin, Expert Author 411

Almost all of your potential customers start their buying research on the internet. Did you know Google now rewards companies who produce better content with higher search engine rankings? The best way to get to the top of the Google Listings is to produce content designed to establish you as the “go to” expert in your field.

The problem business owner’s face is the time it takes to create great content. In this interactive session, attendees will receive a proven roadmap to create client attracting content in 30 minutes a day or less. Linda Griffin will teach you her Rapid Content System to build a treasure chest of search engine loving content guaranteed to attract your best clientele.

Your Fortune Is in Your Follow Up: 3 Keys to Creating Highly Effective Messages

Lisa Shaughnessy

Presented by Lisa Shaughnessy, inkerB Consulting LLC

Whether you own a business, or work for someone else, you’ve most likely been involved in one or more of these: winning new business, working with current clients, client retention, increasing repeat business, and exploring opportunities. Each of these requires following up with someone to get the outcome you’re looking for.

However, not all follow up messages are created equal. If your email or phone conversation doesn’t connect with the other person, you run the risk of losing a potential client or missing a coveted opportunity. In this presentation we will explore 3 best practices for creating personalized and powerful follow up messages to build relationships, increase your bottom line, and make the most of opportunities:

  1. How to define what you want your follow up message to achieve
  2. Where to find the right information for each message
  3. Tips for constructing your message for maximum effect


What’s Your Story: Using Your Story to Increase Your Impact and Income

Star Bobatoon

Presented by Star Bobatoon, Star Consulting, LLC

Whether it’s an audience of one or 1,000, an authentic, well-told story that reveals the heart of your business can increase your income and raise your revenue. Your success can also be sabotaged by a hidden, limiting story you believe about yourself.

Working on one story without addressing the other, shortchanges both you and your clients. Learn how to identify and transform both stories, and achieve the success you desire.

  • 4 things you want to accomplish every time you speak about your business
  • 3 easy steps to crafting your personal story
  • How to use your personal story to enhance your connection with your audience
  • How to recognize if your fears are blocking your success


The Most Powerful Leadership Tool – The Question How to Move People From Here to Full Potential

Libby Dishner

Presented by Libby Dishner, Cresco Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Learn how to get superior results from your team in a way that makes a deeper connection, builds trust and engagement. Oh, and you don’t have to do the work yourself or have all the answers! This workshop covers the three most important skills for you to start coaching your team today.

  1. The GEMS of asking questions – what results you can achieve as a result of coaching instead of telling
  2. The mindset – what needs to change in how you think to use coaching questions successfully
  3. A framework for coaching conversations – the questions you ask that lead to big changes