2016 – Skills Workshop
An interactive workshop for those seeking actionable business skills that will make a difference and provide growth for you and your company.

Sponsored by
Sales UpRising

Bolster Your Credibility, Avoid Common Speaking Mistakes

Christine Clapp

Presented by Christine Clapp, President, Spoken with Authority

Did you know that bad speaking habits can undermine your credibility, holding your business back even though you have the knowledge and experience needed to move forward?

In Bolster your Credibility, Avoid Common Speaking Mistakes, you’ll learn costly communication mistakes made by many women so that you can avoid them and adopt polished speaking behaviors that will propel your business forward. Get ready to replace problematic speaking habits with powerful ones so you can fulfill your leadership potential.


Fear Sales No More! (Unlocking the Keys to Becoming a Successful Salesperson)

Tina Fox

Presented by Tina Fox, Founder, Fox Paradigm

Do your products or services sell themselves? If not, then this would be the workshop you should attend. Your attendance and participation in this session will get you on the path to impress, promote, and close business. Top three areas of focus:

  • Shifting the Sales Paradigm, Bringing out your inner sales person
  • Navigating the anatomy of a successful sales conversation
  • Why should I buy from you? Developing a value statement that sells

This session is geared for open minded, coachable persons with an Authentic Curiosity™ on how to increase their sales abilities.


Be Your Own Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Clients

Meredith Liepelt

Presented by Meredith Liepelt, PR and Brand Strategist, Rich Life Marketing

You have built a brand worthy of being featured in the media and you’re ready to make it happen. In this interactive workshop we are getting things done that will help you to immediately build your reputation and promote your brand so you can get in the spotlight and stay there. You will walk out of this workshop having:

  • Simple techniques that you can steal from publicists (like me) that get our clients featured in Harvard Business Review, Inc.com and more
  • A personalized plan to take your next best step towards gaining media coverage so you know exactly what to do next
  • A written custom pitch you can send to the media immediately. This is the same format I use to get clients in The Washington Post and major business publications

Come and walk out with powerful PR tools you can use immediately!


Money Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Dawn McGruder

Presented by Dawn McGruder, President, The McGruder Group CPAs, PC

It takes more than a great idea to have a successful business. It takes capital! We are going to talk about the 3 main pillars to business success as well as the challenges of keeping money flowing through your business. Attendees will walk away with 10 specific changes they can implement in their businesses right away. Every business owner worries about cash flow! But there are always resources available to help you turn that great idea into a successful business.