Skills Workshop
An interactive workshop for those seeking actionable business skills that will make a difference and provide growth for you and your company.

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Powerful Writing … for Professionals

Carla D. Bass

Presented by Carla D. Bass — Write to Influence

Time is money – unintelligible writing wastes it, corroding goals of growing a business or managing an organization. Powerful writing, conversely, often tips the balance between success and failure in winning grants, awards, promotions, increased market share, and other competitive opportunities. It is also key to attracting, maintaining, and developing talented employees – a prime responsibility of effective leaders. Learn strategies to present a compelling case and tools to compose hard-hitting, focused, and influential text. Net result — Wow! the reader and surpass the competition! Private business, NGOs, corporations working with the government, and government staff can all benefit from this cut-to-the-chase … write powerfully … workshop. Fun, interactive, and effective … not your mama’s grammar class! Based on the award-winning and highly acclaimed book, “Write to Influence!”
Learn to:

  • Make each word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage
  • Leverage details to convey significance, context, and impact of your accomplishments
  • Banish bureaucratic blather — ubiquitous in today’s writing and harmful to your goals
  • Compose email – focused, to the point, and effective
  • Create resumes and input to performance reviews that stand out from the crowd


Storytelling for Business: Turning Customers Into Followers

Faye Lane

Presented by Faye Lane — Award-Winning Performer, Author, Keynote Speaker

You and your business have a story and knowing how to tell your unique story is a business imperative. Vital and emotional storytelling transforms existing and potential customers from numbers on a spreadsheet into a community. Great brands, from Apple and Kate Spade to Shake Shack and Five Guys don’t have customers – they have followers.

Faye Lane, one of New York’s most beloved and respected storytellers and a nationally-known keynote speaker (including last year as the Keynote at the Virginia Women’s Business Conference), will help you find your story and learn to emphasize it in traditional marketing, new media, and personal interactions, so that you have a more meaningful and profitable business experience.


Stop Getting Stuck With Sales: Increase Your Revenue & Freedom in Three Easy Moves

Katie Nelson

Presented by Katie Nelson — Sales UpRising

Ms. Nelson’s high energy and engaging talk will focus on how business owners and executives can drive revenue and build the business and life they want. With two successful business under her belt, join Katie as she moves attendees forward in their thinking and their capability to rethink revenue.

  1. Identify the top five client attraction mistakes
  2. Learn the best methods to market and attract your clients
  3. Learn her unique methodology to have clients constantly and consistently


How to Show-Up for Success With Powerful Confidence

Cyndy Porter

Presented by Cyndy Porter — Success thru Style with Cyndy Porter

The road to success is not a straight one. It has peaks and valleys and lots of twists and turns. Sometimes we feel it is a straight uphill climb with no summit in sight. One thing is certain. You have to get up every day, put one foot in front of the other with confidence and dedication.

My life has been especially topsy turvy. I have learned a lot and overcome significant obstacles; a true struggle to success story. In my presentation I share my story of triumph against the odds. The three key lessons I learned along the way – my secret sauce to success: authenticity, perseverance and believing in the outcome.

As a personal branding, image and style expert. I teach women to show up with poise and confidence. But it’s deeper than that. It’s knowing yourself and others. You can’t succeed without these tools.

I hope you’ll join me for a intimate discussion on how to live your best life and show up with powerful self confidence.