2016 – Tools for Success Track
This track offers strategies and tactics to grow your business. Learn about the latest tools and applications to run your business efficiently and enhance communication with your customers.

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Let It Go! Strategies to De-Clutter Your Life and Thrive in Business

Dr. Monica Almond

Presented by Dr. Monica Almond, CEO, Monica Almond Enterprises

This workshop will encourage you to put first things first by eliminating time and monetary waste so you can begin to see immediate results in business. In today’s extremely busy and interconnected global world, there are no shortage of diversions that keep us distracted and hinder us from focusing on strategic activities that will lead to an increase in revenue. Let it Go! is an interactive workshop that guides you as you take an inventory of how you spend your time and your money to make them work for you, instead of against you. You will walk away with a clear vision of how to increase your productivity and your bottom line, which will ultimately lead to improving the quality and quantity of your products and services.


How to Reach Customers in Their Pocket (Book) With Text Marketing, Mobile Websites, and Mobile Apps

Jennene Biggins

Presented by Jennene Biggins, Mobile Marketing Strategist, Get a Business Mobile App

Mobile Marketing will be the dominant platform for businesses. Intelligent devices – smartphones, tablets, watches, wearable gadgets, etc have begun to change how businesses market to consumers. Businesses that incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing plan faster than their competition will succeed in reaching customers “in their pocket”.
Four reasons mobile marketing resonates with marketers are:

  1. Its interactive
  2. You personalize messages
  3. Messages can be delivered fast
  4. Its Trackable (easy to determine ROI)

What you will learn:

  • How to build an email and text marketing list simultaneously
  • How to use mobile applications, mobile websites and text marketing to market products and services directly to customers
  • How to combine social media and mobile marketing to communicate with new and existing customers
  • How to develop and run mobile marketing campaigns
  • How to automate marketing activities with mobile marketing funnel


Simple solutions to a better website — 3 ways to help visitors to know, like and trust you (and then hire you!)

Heather Cox

Presented by Heather Cox, Owner, Mighty Little Web Shop

So many small businesses get their website content wrong. With these three tweaks — you can make the most out of even a simple website, and stand apart from your competition. This is a not-to-be-missed session if you are a small business without a big sales team, and you’d like to get your phone to ring more often.

Heather will explain how to make sure that your business website clearly explains what you offer and who benefits most from your services. And because reassurance is the key to closing a sale, she will give you tips on how to use your blog to enhance your credibility (online), and to show evidence of your successful client engagements.


Buried by Email? Use Outlook Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Susan Kousek

Presented by Susan Kousek, Owner, Balanced Spaces, LLC

Do you feel like you’re never caught up with email? Always wondering what’s buried in your inbox — information you should have included in a report, messages you should have responded to, deadlines you missed? Do you wish you could be more productive when it comes to email?

Email is an important tool that can overwhelm us. With Outlook on a PC, you’ve got access to many great shortcuts to increase your productivity (and reduce your stress).

For example, you can:

  • Set up alerts so messages from specific people pop up in the middle of your screen
  • Easily create “quick steps” to move an email message to a folder with a single click of your mouse, no matter where that folder is in your file hierarchy
  • Use rulers to automatically direct certain messages to folders other than the Inbox
  • Customize the quick access toolbar
  • Use flags effectively
  • Drag and drop messages to your calendar and contacts.

Certified Professional Organizer and former Outlook trainer Susan Kousek is all about productivity. So there’s no need for you to take copious notes in this session. In addition to a live demo showing you how to set up and use these shortcuts, she’ll provide you a handout that includes step-by-step instructions for creating the shortcuts once you’re at your own PC. You’ll be amazed by how much time you will be able to save.


Your Style Is Your Personal Brand

Cyndy Porter

Presented by Cyndy Porter, Image Consultant/ Photographer, Cyndy Porter Style & Photography

You have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression. When you meet someone new, whether at a networking event, a sales call, on the job or at a conference, people judge you first based on how you look. Creating and showcasing your personal style is a building block for professional success. Your image is power.

In this insightful and interactive workshop you will learn how others see you now and you will begin the journey of creating a style that is your personal brand. You will take a short quiz that will help you know which of the 7 Universal Styles are best for you and you will see how to dress in a way to communicate your powerful best self. You will also be introduced to your own Style Formula™, understanding what colors, shapes, and proportions that show you at your best.

Cyndy Porter, owner of Cyndy Porter Style & Photography has a unique approach to image and style. She believes every woman is beautiful and she uses her artist’s eye to teach women how to see themselves in artful terms. It’s not magic, it’s all routed in science, art and psychology.

If you are someone who struggles with your appearance. You waist precious time getting dressed, aren’t sure of the image you present and aren’t 100% comfortable that you look your personal best, every day, this workshop is for you. Confidence comes from many places, ensure you have this one nailed, learn to present your best personal image every day.