Tools for Success Track
This track offers strategies and tactics to grow your business. Learn about the latest tools and applications to run your business efficiently and enhance communication with your customers.

Sponsored by
Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS – MassMutual Capitol District

Secretly Successful Launches

Jessica Castle

Presented by Jessica Castle — Jessica M. Castle, LLC

This presentation will dive into why setting an income goal for your launch isn’t enough, and how to find the true measure of a successful campaign.

During this presentation attendees will learn:

  1. A better understanding of how to market and “launch” their businesses, product promotions or online courses
  2. Uncovering common conversion rates to know how your promotion really stacks up
  3. The only two reasons a launch or promotion will fail


Women Power–Leverage Our Venus Assets in a Mars Business World

Linda Crill

Presented by Linda Crill — Linda Crill Enterprises

The Women’s March, #MeToo, and cracked glass ceilings–women are claiming their voices and importance of being taken seriously.

In this session we’ll look at how women are fairing in the business world. We’ll look at both the advantages of being women in building businesses and assuming leadership roles. And, we’ll discuss the challenges we face of being heard, taken seriously and given credit for our ideas and achievements.

We’ll do this by:

  • Listening to lessons learned by successful women who have shattered ceilings
  • Discussing communications and social style differences that cause women to be misinterpreted by men
  • Looking at tools to increase our influence skills, and tactics for gaining buy-in
  • And having fun doing all of the above


Quit Shouting to an Empty Room: Building Relationships to Foster Digital Connections

Meg Kerns

Presented by Meg Kerns — MOKup Media

Your business is your pride, your sweat and your drive- don’t waste that energy shouting to an empty Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page! In order to make great waves in the digital space (online) you need to know who you’re talking to, how to talk to them and what to say. This session will help you to nail down your active follower and teach you best practices for fostering real connections with your audience all around the globe. You’ll learn how to build a professional rapport online, turn cold leads into warm handshakes and how to make the most of your time on the platforms that make the most sense for your business.


Unlocking Your Woman Code

Sophia A. Nelson

Presented by Sophia A. Nelson — SAN Enterprises LLC

This workshop presented by award winning author, journalist, global women’s speaker and trainer, Sophia Nelson, will help women to focus on a healthier, more holistic approach to their professional and personal success by working on their emotional, spiritual, relational, and personal development at the same time. The Woman Code is global best-selling book written by Nelson in 2014. It has been presented to corporations like Walgreens and Comcast, as well as major women’s organizations around the world in Canada and Australia. This specific tract for the Virginia Women’s Business Conference, will be geared toward helping women unlock their woman code, better collaborate with other women, and create work and life spaces that help lift all women as they themselves climb.