2016 – Business Development Track
A track designed with established business owners in mind. Ideal for businesses that have been in operation for 3 years or more and are looking for growth and development strategies.

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Backflow Technology, LLC

BRAND. BUILD. BLOW UP! The Necessary Branding Steps You Must Take to Make an Explosive Impact.

Tara Gates Anderson

Presented by Tara Gates Anderson, Business Branding Expert, TGA Unified

Brand, Build, Blow Up! is a course that provides a step by step approach to creating and developing your brand. Through breaking down the branding landscape, you will learn how to build a solid brand foundation that will position your business and brand to make an explosive impact within your desired target markets. We walk you through understanding the critical steps needed to establish a strong brand foundation.

  • What a Brand IS and is NOT. The levels of branding that create differentiation.
  • How to strategically Build your brand and expand.
  • How to implement strategies that will position your brand to be a top contender and Blow Up in your target market.

Bonus strategies: How to create brand loyalty and brand influencer’s within your infrastructure (Time Permitting)


SOAR in the Market Through Clarity of Mission, Community and Partnerships

Mali Phonpadith

Presented by Mali Phonpadith, CEO, Author, Speaker, Marketer, SOAR Community Network

Mali Phonpadith, CEO of the SOAR Community Network (SCN) will share steps on how to uncover and message a vision that will inspire others to join your mission. As you attract and build a community of gifted and like-minded people, fostering collaborations and partnerships will come naturally.
Key takeaways will include:

  • 5 Powerful questions to bring more clarity to your vision and mission
  • 5 Ways to build a professional and engaged community
  • 5 Ways that strategic partnerships can elevate your brand and help grow your business


The Remarkable Difference Strategy

Danielle Renken

Presented by Danielle Renken, Marketing Anthropologist, Business Owner, Strategy Revolution, LLC

Whether you own or manage a business (or just dreaming of it) you are in luck. The Remarkable Difference Strategy is a proven method that makes it easier than ever to combine your passion with a pathway that decreases your workload and stress while increasing your productivity.

In this session you will learn that remarkable difference is not just a catchy phrase but a strategical guide that combines your talents and authentic abilities with a step by step plan. I will teach you how to take the part of your business that is creative and unique and integrate that with sound principles of success for long term success.

You will leave my session with

  • How to create a unique and valuable market position
  • How to make trade-offs and decide what not to do
  • How to create an alliance circle and good fit business relationships


Catapult Your Business Growth With 3 Proven Strategies

Tasha Scott

Presented by Tasha Scott, Certified Life Coach

Discover the self-assurance that opens the door to success.

  1. Learn how to consistently hit your mark and reach your goals
  2. Maximize your potential through the power of relationships

Tasha M. Scott guides clients and audiences to implement solid and simple methods to making life-changing business breakthroughs.

Through the three “C’s”- commitment, consistency and connection -Tasha leads you to your own growth … personally and in your business.

  • Through Commitment, you take a stand for who you are, gain the confidence in your own true identity, and separate yourself from that which stifles your growth.
  • Through Consistency, you embrace the personal development, support systems and healthy habits that lead you to attain your goals.
  • Through Connection, you realize the supreme value of networking, referrals and collaboration … acknowledging the fact you can’t go it alone.

As you discover the value of personal relationships, you realize you have more than a simple “business contact,” but rather a customer for life. Allow Tasha M. Scott to guide you in acquiring such customers, and lead you to the commitment, consistency and connection that will catapult your business growth.


Panel – Do You Speak Your Customer’s Language?

From speaking geek speak, to media speak, and even your customer’s multilanguages, we will discuss tools and strategies for the most successful way to speak with your customers. Be it internal customers (employees) within your business or external customers, you will receive tips about the best way to communicate with them.

This session is for the business owner who wants to be prepared to speak their customer’s language from an appropriate cultural and diversity perspective.

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