Business Development Track – 2017
A track designed with established business owners in mind. Ideal for businesses that have been in operation for three years or more and are looking for growth and development strategies.

Sponsored by
FreshEye Innovative Solutions, LLC

Influencer Marketing: Get Social Media Rock Stars Talking About Your Brand & Organization

Presented by Karen Bate, KB Concepts PR and Angelica Talan, Angelica In the City

Influencers are social media rock stars whose opinions and recommendations are closely followed by their legions of dedicated fans. How do you get these rock stars to engage with and talk about you and your organization or brand?

This interactive, 40-minute presentation will crack the social code and teach participants how to identify, target and work with influencers. Karen Bate, Founder & CEO of KB Concepts P.R. and Angelica Talan, DC and national blogger and social media influencer, provide key tips on common mistakes to avoid and the lowdown on what top influencers want and need. Attendees will leave armed with clear examples of winning influencer strategies, and the confidence and know-how to rock their own successful social media campaigns.

Confessions of a Business Lender: How to REALLY Get the Right Capital at the Right Time for Your Business Needs

Presented by Jenn Mathis, One Degree Capital

It’s time to pull back the curtain on business lending. Business capital is a confusing marketplace, now more than ever. From bank loans to online lending to crowdfunding to raising private equity – with all these options for securing capital, how can you as a business owner ever figure out what’s best for you and your unique business?

For over 15 years I helped business owner’s identify and secure the right financing for their unique needs. More importantly, I’ve helped business owners AVOID making potentially disastrous financial missteps, and even helped a few out of jams they inadvertently found themselves in.

In 2010, I co-founded One Degree Capital with one goal: to be the nation’s most trusted Business Capital Advisor.

In my highly engaging session, I will show you:

  • What’s really going on that’s led to today’s difficult business lending environment
  • What the “wrong” type of capital looks like and how to avoid it
  • How the “wrong” timing of capital can derail your best plans
  • The 5 Key Questions you should ask when seeking the RIGHT capital
  • The 4 Practical Steps you can take NOW to ensure you and your business are attractive to lenders (and investors) when you need financing story!


Branding & Marketing Are NOT the Same. And It Matters!

Presented by Jen Dalton, BrandMirror

Many companies jump right into marketing and miss the critical step of understanding their brand. In this session, Jen Dalton will discuss the key steps in the branding process and how critical it is to define brand strategy and what it means to an organization. She will share what key questions need to be answered before launching any marketing campaign or effort. If the branding is off, then without a doubt the marketing efforts will suffer.

Don’t waste marketing time, money, and resources, join Jen in this workshop and identify the key steps to understand your current brand and what may be missing that is holding back the success of your marketing efforts. She will leverage real examples and share her expertise so you can deliver a brand worth buying and marketing that can make it happen.