Personal Development Track – 2017
A great track for those seeking both personal growth and inspiration. Perfect for those that want to make positive changes in their life.

How to Build Your Own Personal Advisory Board

Presented by Jen Hecht, The Dating Advisory Board

I will be talking about the importance of how to build your own personal advisory board. Successful businesses have board members to keep the company growing and thriving. I believe we should have a similar board in our personal lives. Here are the key points that I will cover during my presentation.
1. Importance of positivity
2. How to seek mentors and coaches
3. Steps to owning the reflection in the mirror
4. Steps on how to build your board

Operation Confident Journey

Presented by Monica Marusceac, Peak Performance Associates LLC/NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness

The story of my journey from being a chubby, nerdy, immigrant girl to becoming the second female to pilot a AV-8B Harrier jump jet in combat in the Marine Corps. I will weave together harrowing stories about my time landing on an aircraft carrier, with stories about walking into a roomful of male jet pilots who did not want women in their midst, with stories about starting a business from scratch in a new and often misunderstood field.

I will describe three different techniques I used throughout my journey to transcend fear and generate a confident mindset almost instantly, both in stressful situations on the ground and near-death experiences and how I use those same techniques to this day in stressful situations similar to the ones the audience likely encounters in their personal and professional lives.

Four Skills Guaranteed to Bring You More Happiness in Your Life

Presented by Cindy Battino, BHSP, Transformational Healing

There are four skills that are essential to find more happiness in your life. These four skills are: Witnessing, Curiosity, Parts of Self, and The Process of Self-Discovery. Once you learn, practice and use these skills diligently – even just one of these skills – you are guaranteed to find happy. Why? These skills give you a new lens to look at yourself and your life. They invite you to stop judging and assuming so that you can ask the important questions.

There is a GREAT reason why you do everything you do, from the most rational to the most irrational. It’s time to shed some guilt and shame. It’s time to start OWNING the beautiful and not so beautiful parts of your own self. You are perfectly imperfect. Creating understanding, learning to ask the questions and finding the WHY (without judgment) are the keys to you finding more happiness in your life.

The Pursuit of EXCELLENCE

Presented by Andrea D. Campbell, Andrea Campbell, LLC

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act but a habit.” If that is true, then EXCELLENCE is not just an act of DOing, but it’s also a state of BEing.

In this energetic and thought-provoking presentation, you will be provided tools that will help you create success through EXCELLENCE in all areas of your life.

With confidence and grace, you will gain the following insight:

  • Who You Are At Your Core
  • How Paradigms Create Reality
  • How EXCELLENCE Creates Success