Personal Development Track
A great track for those seeking both personal growth and inspiration; perfect for those that want to make positive changes in their lives.

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Success thru Style

The Secret to Success in Life & Business!

Diane Haworth
Presented by Diane Haworth — Diane L Haworth, Coach * Speaker * Author

Oprah knows it. So does Arianna Huffington, Brendon Burchard and hundreds of other successful business leaders. The secret is knowing how to recognize the call of inspiration to fuel every aspect of your life with love, passion and purpose! True inspiration has an energy. It’s intelligent, creative and expansive which is why this topic is now being studied in top global companies.

In this workshop you’ll hear case studies showcasing the power of taking inspired action and understand how to welcome inspiration in your own life. Feeling stuck? This session is for you!

We’ll explore:

  • What inspiration is and where it comes from
  • The “ripple effect” of inspiration. How personal inspiration can positively influence families, communities, work teams, organizations and the bottom line
  • How to recognize inspired thoughts and act on them
  • How inspired thoughts can guide your life and business decisions with more ease and less stress
  • Three easy ways to encourage inspired ideas individually and as a team

Stressed out and Overwhelmed

Joni Rae
Presented by Joni Rae — The Mindset Group

Executive Coach Joni Rae advised leaders in her 12-year career at Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton before starting a personal and professional development business. Joni has been featured on live network television at CBS and Cheddar TV, providing mindset and business tools to turn chaos to clarity. If you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, learn how to obtain peace of mind, organization, and productivity in your life and business. Tackle priorities and projects you haven’t had time for and walk away with a plan you can implement right away!

The High-Energy Edge for Women Leaders: Harnessing Maximum Brain Power and Productivity

Cathy Richards
Presented by Cathy Richards — Inspiring Vitality

Mental and physical energy are crucial to business and personal success, yet many women leaders face burnout and fatigue. Support your team and facilitate peak performance that rejuvenates and elevates. Don’t miss!

  • Mindset Mastery that will change intermittent efforts into lifelong vitality
  • Metabolism magic that changes physiology
  • Rejuvenation factors that forever fix fatigue
  • Stressbusters that save your sanity
  • Superfood and movement secrets that equal ENERGY
  • Brain facts that will supercharge your life

Let’s cut to the chase together and focus on the top tips that make a difference and how to guarantee you’ll make it work in your life consistently. I hope you’ll join me!