Jen Dalton

The 1 Page Strategic Plan

Presented by Jen Dalton, BrandMirror

In this high impact and interactive workshop, you will walk through four key frameworks to help you as a leader and busy professional learn how to:

  • Identify what makes you unique and relevant to your customers
  • Develop your Leadership Promise Statement, which defines what you want to be known for and how you deliver on those promises
  • Map out your Reputation Rings so that you know your areas of expertise and what you should be talking about and “owning” as a thought leader
  • Leverage this clarity around your expertise, your content, to design an in-person and online (digital) plan to build and leverage your brand to grow your business in an efficient and intentional way (don’t waste time marketing, be intentional about it). Focus on LinkedIn, and a few new channels

This session is for business owners and professionals that want to be clear on their personal brand, their message, and stand out in their market, in order to grow the business.

Danielle Renken

Creating a Social Media Revolution, Strategically

Presented by Danielle Renken, Strategy Revolution

In this workshop, you will learn how Social Media and Search Engine Optimization can grow your audience and enhance their experience with your business.

  • Where Social Media should fit into their overall Marketing Plans
  • How to set up a platform for success, ease of use and audience interaction
  • The importance and function of content and graphics
  • Basic SEO techniques to increase their platform visibility
  • Metric analysis and what to do with the data

This session is for the business owner who needs to increase awareness of their business, reach more potential leads, and learn how to use the largest free marketing platforms available.