Marissa Levin

Achieving Peak Productivity: Time Management, Energy Management, & Prioritization

Presented by Marissa Levin, Successful Culture, LLC

We have a limited number of hours in the day. Many confuse “busy” with “productive.” To achieve peak productivity AND maximum life enjoyment, we must intentionally integrate time management, energy management, & prioritization strategies. By doing so, we can say no to the “good” to make room for the “great.” “Time is the new money.” ~Richard Branson

  • 10 Time management strategies that you can implement immediately to free up time, and maximize the time you have
  • 5 Energy management strategies to maximize your energy flow, and also control the effects that the energy from others has on your productivity
  • 4 Prioritization strategies to help participants focus on their most important tasks that yield the highest return on investment
Lisa Marie Platske

Courageous Leadership: How to Step Up, Stand Out, and Be A Leader Worth Following

Presented by Lisa Marie Platske, Upside Thinking, Inc.

Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less. If you want to be in the top 1% of your industry, you’ve got to master the elements of influence and impact. When you combine influence with the bravery, fearlessness, and grit that comes from being an innovative risk taker, you enter the field of courageous leadership. Discover 7 keys — delivered with practical strategies — to unlock the door to being a leader worth following.

  • How to Leverage Bigger Opportunities by Creating Powerful Partnerships (Or Risk Failing)
  • Why Your Personality Can Help and Hinder Your Success (and What To Do About It)
  • Why You Need to Know How to Position Yourself (and How You Better Do It Quickly)