Tina Fox

It’s just sales, people…

Presented by Tina Fox, Fox Paradigm

Do your products or services sell themselves? If not, then this would be the workshop you should attend. Your attendance and participation in this session will get you on the path to impress, promote, and close business. Top three areas of focus:

  • Shifting the Sales Paradigm — Bringing out your inner sales person
  • Navigating the anatomy of a successful sales conversation
  • Why should I buy from you? Developing a value statement that sells
    This session is geared for open minded, coachable persons with an authentic curiosity on how to increase their sales abilities.

    Talmar Anderson

    The Who? What? and How? of Your Sales Process

    Presented by Talmar Anderson, Talmar It Up

    During this half of the workshop, we will be discussing and working through the possibilities around how business owners can ensure they have a complete sales process. We want to make sure prospects aren’t falling through any holes!

  • Know your Buyers Behaviors
  • Package and Price for an easy “Yes”
  • Sales Funnels -Moving Prospects to Clients faster
    This session is for the business owner who is ready to make their company’s sales process easier AND more successful.