Dr. Kenae Black
Dr. Kenae, the Development Advisor; is an author, speaker, professor, and trainer in the fields of Leadership, Motivation theories, Business, Gender Studies, Organizational Leadership and Management.

She is also the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Reach Back Spring Forward, Inc; a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting at-risk youth and young adults with social, educational, and environmental resources for a healthy transition into adulthood; and Executive Director of the Asia SiVon Cottom Memorial Scholarship Fund (ASC), a non-profit organization founded to honor the life of Asia SiVon Cottom. The fund’s overall mission is to recognize and assist college students by providing financial assistance through scholarship awards to supplement financial obligations for tuition and educational fees. Dr. Kenae’s involvement with her non-profits, has awarded her the opportunity to mentor many young adults and financially assist some in their educational pursuits. Her skills in motivating others has made her a sought after speaker for various audiences.

Dr. Kenae is an author of numerous publications on topics in her field of expertise and scholarship. As a practitioner in her field, she has also had the opportunity to advise and train individuals and groups on personal, leadership, business and professional development. Dr. Kenae’s experiences and education, along with her passion to empower others, has equipped her in becoming successful and effective in ensuring others achieve their personal goals, and reach their own self-actualization; against all odds.