Kate Deriso
Kate’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for healing, to help people find relief from pain without experiencing more pain. She runs a successful clinic in Herndon, VA where she specializes in hands on bodywork as well as energy healing therapies.

She has an equal love for the physical as well as the energetic and spiritual components of the healing process and recognizes the importance of them as they are all a part of the integrated healing that takes place in her work with clients.

Kate worked in the rehab world for several years as an Occupational Therapy Assistant before she became a massage therapist specializing in Bowen Therapy and Structural Joint Balancing. She is also a Reiki Master, and Certified Angel Messenger, Yoga Teacher, and Aromatherapist.

In addition to hands on energy and bodywork, Kate is an Intuitive Spiritual Coach helping women integrate a meaningful and practical spiritual practice into their busy lives.