Meredith Liepelt
Meredith Liepelt loves to work with high-performing entrepreneurs who want to tap into the power of the media to get in or stay in the spotlight. What pains her is seeing amazing entrepreneurs who want to become better-known in their niche stay stuck simply because they don’t know what to do to increase their profile. That’s why she has developed programs to teach upcoming superstars how to be their own publicists and work effectively with PR agencies. As a result of working with her company, clients become leading voices in their industries, build their personal brands and enjoy the professional cache of being covered in the media.

Meredith is the author of the book Own Your Star Power: Discover Yourself, Reveal Yourself, Get Discovered. She speaks for women’s entrepreneurial events around the US. She and/or her clients have been featured on television and radio stations around the US as well as The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review,, Huffington Post, Smart Women Magazine, national Business First newspapers,, Yahoo, Ladies Home Journal, Teen Vogue and many others. Meredith won two Apex Awards for program development and writing and was the recipient of Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year from Increase CDC and is an honoree of Sunny 95’s 20 Outstanding Women.

In addition to leading her company, Meredith enjoys spontaneous family room dance parties with her amazing tween and teenaged girls. She is also known for taking in a Broadway show with her husband and has rarely met a bottle of merlot she didn’t like.

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