Cyndy Porter
Your image is power. Creating and showcasing your personal style is a building block for professional success. Cyndy’s expert fashion and style guidance will lead you to a better understanding of your strengths and best features. As a personal stylist and professional image consultant, Cyndy brings fashion and function together.

Marketing your professional image. Cyndy began her career in sales and marketing and became a divisional vice president at a media conglomerate. Today, Cyndy Porter Style and Photography builds on that business knowledge and experience with professional image consultant services.

You are art in motion. Cyndy Porter Style and Photography provides a variety of programs to teach individuals, groups, companies and large audiences how to create a personal brand and apply art principles to how they dress–the same principles used to create beautiful portraiture. She teaches how to see oneself in artful terms and how to express oneself through image, style and photography.
Professional success is a combination of hard work, dedication and confidence in yourself. Your personal brand should reflect all those things, as well as your unique style. With Cyndy and her understanding of business, photography and branding, you are given the tools to reveal your best YOU.