Tiffany Rad
Tiffany Rad, BS, MBA, JD is the CEO and founder of Anatrope which develops wireless automotive technologies for the cyber security and data analytics industries. Prior to starting her own company, Tiffany was the Manager of Operational Security for Embedded Systems at Cisco for their IoT and vehicle security research. Before joining Cisco, she was a cyber security researcher for Battelle Institute at the Center for Advanced Vehicle Engineering (CAVE). She is also on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Vehicle Electrical System Security Committee, the SAE Vehicle Cyber Security Content Committee, and on the National Academies of Science NCHRP/TCRP Panel for Transportation and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Her independent research was listed as #4 in “Top 10 White Hat Hacks” by Bloomberg and was also featured in 2013 in the Discovery Channel’s documentary “The Real Story: Live Free or Die Hard,” based on the movie “Live Free or Die Hard.” Her research was also featured on the USA series, “Mr. Robot,” in the Season One episode titled ”Brave Traveler.