Dr. Suzanne Nixon
Dr. Suzanne Nixon has been in the field of counseling, education and holistic health for 35 years. She is a seasoned psychotherapist, licensed in counseling and marriage & family therapist. She holds a doctorate in Education/Counseling from Virginia Tech and is trained in nearly a dozen psychotherapeutic approaches. Dr. Nixon incorporates an Integrative and Mindfulness Approach in her counseling practice, recognizing the whole of a person, mind, body and spirit and emphasizing the present moment experience and the therapeutic power of acceptance and gratitude.

Since a young woman, Suzanne has always had a passion for health and wellness. She pursued training as a touch therapist and energy medicine practitioner and prior to her psychotherapy practice had a thriving practice in somatics and energy work for 13 years. Recognizing the biological component in psychological well-being, she earned professional certificates in holistic health from the Scripps Integrative Medicine Center, Integrative Health Coaching from Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Center, Mindfulness and Meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Inspirational Journeys, LLC, her wellness company, offers mindfulness and wellness retreats at top destination resorts throughout the country. Dr. Nixon became a National Speaker in the early 1990’s and has published nearly 20 articles. She is passionate about helping people “Heal, Become Conscious and Well, and Live the Life they Imagined.