Jen Du Plessis

Goal Setting . . . or Something Like It

Presented by Jen Du Plessis, Kinetic Spark Consulting, LLC

So often business people spend months strategizing to set annual goals, only to see their dreams not met. Goal setting is more than just writing down a goal or goals — it’s establishing the systems to reach them through intentional milestones. In this session, national speaker, author, strategist and consultant, Jen Du Plessis will show the HOW to achieving goals through:

  • Developing and implementing Intentional milestones on your journey to fulfilling goals
  • Identifying partnerships and resources
  • Strategies for tracking your progress
  • Recognizing and Assessing Shifts
  • Priority Management to employ a laser focused action plan
Carol C. Robinson

Tool Kit for Strategic Planning

Presented by Carol C. Robinson, CC Robinson & Associates, LLC

During this workshop you will engage in activities that strengthen your understanding and highlight the value of strategic planning.

You have identified your goal(s) – now what? Developing a plan ensures that you implement and make progress with goals that reinforce your business vision and mission. During the session, you will explore a variety of tools that support the process of planning, from laying a foundation, to implementing action steps, to monitoring and assessing progress.

Be prepared to actively apply planning tools such as the Gantt Chart, decision-making models such as prioritization matrix, and accountability strategies such as benchmarking, to further your planning efforts.