Kristine Jacboson

Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Presented by Kristine Jacobson, Conveyance Marketing Group
When creating your marketing strategy, it’s hard to know where to begin. The options of how to spend your budget through both digital and traditional channels are endless and ever evolving.
There isn’t a universal recipe to build a marketing strategy, but for both small companies and large corporations there are key ingredients that must be part of your overall marketing mix.
In this session, Kristine Jacobson, Chief Marketing Officer at Conveyance Marketing Group will work with you to identify the key elements of a successful marketing strategy and provide the tools you need to determine who your audiences is, what kinds of messages they’ll engage with, and where you should put your marketing dollars to get the best return on investment.

Lisa Nicholls

The Secrets to Creating a Stellar Social Media Presence for Your Business

Presented by Lisa Nicholls, Tira! Strategies
Learn from a social media expert how to create an engaging, interactive presence on social media and bust the new Facebook newsfeed algorithm changes! Learn the strategies that most businesses don’t know about, to increase your social media engagement despite the declining reach that businesses are experiencing.
Learn how to find the right platforms to post on, what to post, and when to post. In this workshop, we’ll cover which types of content you should be using for your business, and how to create and post your content effectively and easily.
We’ll also cover how to easily post consistently, since you can’t engage your audience if you’re not posting on your social media platforms because you don’t have the time.

Sharon Wright

Leveraging Public Relations to Grow Your Business

Presented by Sharon Wright, Loudoun Clear Marketing
As defined by the Public Relations Society of America, Public Relations (PR) is the strategic process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and their publics, but how many companies are doing it well? In her session, Sharon will outline for you the many ways great PR can add value to your marketing mix. She will also show you some of the tricks of the trade to get you immediate results in the media.

  • Learn what is public relations and how do I build greater awareness for my brand
  • Learn how to generate newsworthy content
  • Learn how to write a technically correct press release that editor’s will print