Marissa Levin

Achieving Peak Productivity: Strategies for Time Management, Energy Management, and Prioritization

Presented by Marissa Levin, Successful Culture International
We have a limited number of hours in the day. Many confuse “busy” with “productive.” To achieve peak productivity AND maximum life enjoyment, we must intentionally integrate time management, energy management, & prioritization strategies. By doing so, we can say no to the “good” to make room for the “great.”

“Time is the new money.” ~Richard Branson.

In this interactive workshop, participants learn:

  • 10 time management strategies that they can implement immediately to free up time, and maximize the time they havee
  • 5 energy management strategies to maximize their energy flow, and also control the effects that the energy from others has on their productivitye
  • 4 prioritization strategies to help participants focus on their most important tasks that yield the highest return on investmente
  • Strategies for creating realistic goals with firm deadlines, a strong circle of influence, and a mindset of achievemente
  • Additional productivity hacks to make your work environment as productive as possible
Carole Stizza

Leadership Blind Spots – How to Use Your Strengths in the Right Way (and Not Tick People Off)

Presented by Carole Stizza, Relevant Insight
When moving up in any organization people tend to continue to use the strengths that first made them successful, until they stop making them successful, then they feel lost. Everyone wakes up to go to work to be their best and not make people leave, get mad, or quit – but that may happen if they don’t know how to keep from using their strengths in the wrong way.

Join us to have a better perspective on how to use the strengths you already have to move ahead and thrive.

You will walk away with:

  • How to gain the right information about your strengths from others
  • How to look at blind spots & weaknesses with a whole new respect
  • How to help put your strengths in the right place – hint: and not tick people off!

This course will provide discussions and insights to maximize your top strengths via Clifton Strength Finder research. You can take this assessment online at for an additional $19.99. Please bring your results from this assessment, or a past Clifton Strength Finder assessment, to the workshop.