Mary Grate-Pyos

The Amazing Joy of Effective Leadership: Passion, Purpose, and Potential

Presented by Mary Grate-Pyos, Financially Focused, Inc.
To lead fully engaged by focusing on your purpose and the full potential of who you are will result in passionate leadership filled with joy and much influence.

This session will explore:

  • What is effective leadership
  • What are the traits of a joyful, yet effective leader
    Simple, daily strategies to implement to bring about joy in effective leadership
  • How to bring your passion, purpose, and potential to lead effectively and influence for positive change and progress

Effective leadership will always bring influence, progress and amazing joy to the leader and to those being led!

Krista Woods

Mastering Relationships Is the Key to Being a Strong Leader

Presented by Krista Woods, GloveStix and Personality Motivators
Are you a leader or do you aspire to be one? We often find that people are put in leadership positions but are never taught how to lead. In this interactive and upbeat presentation Krista will review the personality skills it takes to be a truly successful leader. Participants will develop increased levels of self-awareness, the #1 key element for developing Emotional Intelligence skills. You will learn how to effectively understand and work with team members; improve communication skills; and will be better prepared to create successful professional relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A strong understanding of The Color Code core principles and “WHY” people do what they do
  2. An understanding of all 4 colors, their driving core motives and how to effectively communicate with each color
  3. A link for a free basic assessment to find your color and your WHY
  4. Knowledge on how to “Quick Code” others

Once you learn to tap into your unique personality skills you can use your innate abilities for ultimate business and personal success.