Mastermind Roundtable Talks – 2017
A intimate interactive session lead by industry experts.

The Art of the 1 on 1

Geoff Crawley

Presented by Geoff Crawley, Your Networking Ninja

Connections are made at networking events, while socializing, really almost anywhere, but that is not where the money is made. The money is made at the 1 to 1. How do you convert connections into 1 to 1’s into money? A great 1 to 1 is an art, and we’ll learn how to do it.


Trademark and Copyright Law Made Simple

Radiance W. Harris

Presented by Radiance W. Harris, Radiance IP Law

Are you confused about trademark and copyright protection for your business? This interactive session will teach you the dos and don’ts of trademark and copyright law. Attend this session, and learn tactics and strategies that will keep you out of the legal hot seat. Attendees will learn how to trademark their brand assets, copyright their created content, and minimize the risk of trademark and copyright infringement in their business practices.


Places Have Power! Transform Yours Into Someplace Extraordinary!

Barbara Quast

Presented by Barbara Quast, Barbara Quast Interior Design, Inc.

Our surroundings greatly impact our sense of well-being, as well as our effectiveness. Learn how to make your home and work space leave you feeling happy, inspired and ready to take on all that you’re up to.


Insider Marketing: Tips that Work For Any Business

Bonnie Taylor

Presented by Bonnie Taylor, CCS Innovations, LLC

Anyone in business understands that while marketing is a vital investment that can directly impact growth and profitability, determining the path to reaching that growth and maximizing ROI isn’t always a simple process. It involves choosing appropriate activities while targeting their release and maintaining a style that matches your brand and buying audience. Fortunately there are rules that apply, no matter what size or type of business, that will help lead to success through marketing. This roundtable will discuss these rules and additional tips marketers use when creating marketing programs.


To SWaM or Not To?

Tracey Wiley

Presented by Tracey Wiley, Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity

This is an important business question, one that you must answer in order to be more competitive in Virginia’s procurement process. The cost of doing business requires you to align your goals and strategies with certifications, licenses, and process requirements. Each day as a business owner, you must decide “how will I invest in my company?” Certification is just one of those marketing tools to consider. In recent years, Virginia’s Small, Women and Minority (SWaM) Owned Business initiative has procured more than 2.4B in discretionary expenditures with companies that elect to choose certification. Ninety five (95%) of the businesses in Virginia are Small and Women are the fastest growing segment in the country. It is a Choice that allows business that meet the eligibility requirements to have greater access to new opportunities in the public sector. Is this the investment for you?