Mastermind Roundtable Talks
A intimate interactive session lead by industry experts.

Taking It to the Next Level – Growth Through Franchising and Licensing Strategies

Leslie Curran

Presented by Leslie Curran — Plave Koch PLC

This session will provide a quick overview of some considerations before franchising – can and should your business be franchised, when in the life cycle should you consider franchising, key pros / cons of using franchising to expand. Comparison at high level to other expansion alternatives – corporate or company owned growth, licensing and distribution strategies.

Discuss strategic business decisions for move to franchising – use of consultants, key business advisors, attorneys, etc. and the costs associated, business documentation, preparation of manuals and related materials. Overview of the legal framework for franchising.


3 Tips for Extraordinary PR

Jennifer R. Farmer

Presented by Jennifer R. Farmer — Spotlight PR

Everyone has a brand and we each have a responsibility to protect and leverage those brands. In a practical manner, I’ll lay out 3 things female business owners can do to cultivate, and protect their brand. I’ll also discuss strategies to navigate a crisis or any situation that presents reputational risk. By focusing on surrogate cultivation, responsible social media usage, and proactive media outreach, I’ll highlight how conference attendees can earn extraordinary PR.


Your Philanthropic Blueprint

Carrie Rich

Presented by Carrie Rich — The Global Good Fund

How have you been allocating your valuable time, talent, treasure, and network to align with your values? Participants will leave this session with a personalized blueprint for formulating future philanthropic strategies along with a set of tactical next steps to realize your vision.


5 Things You Will Want to Know About Launching a Product

Krista Woods

Presented by Krista Woods — GloveStix LLC

Have you ever wondered what it takes to launch a product? In this presentation Krista Woods will review the 5 most important things you need to know, and then turn it over to you for Q & A.