Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Networking – 7:30 a.m.
Opening, Dec. 1 – 8:50 a.m.—9:45 a.m.
Sophia Nelson
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Sophia Nelson, Emcee



Tina Johnson
A Few Words from the Founder
Tina R. Johnson, President & CEO, JP Events & Consulting
Founder of Virginia Women’s Business Conference
2017 Chairwoman of Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce



Tammy Darvish
Opening Keynote Speaker
What About Us?
Tammy Darvish



Session 1 – 10:00 a.m.—10:45 a.m.

Becoming a Next Generation Leader by Creating EPICC Teams

Sharon Smith

Presented by Sharon Smith, C-Suite Results
Everything evolves from technology to people so why has leadership not evolved at the same pace? Leaders need to elevate their game and become next generation leaders in order to compete in today’s environment. The status quo is not going to cut it anymore. It’s time to learn what the new way of leading looks like, why it is important, and how to tap into the authentic and powerful leader you are.

Next generation leaders understand the importance of creating teams who thrive together in their pursuit of excellence. They know how to create EPICC teams.

EPICC teams are high performance teams that built on the following pillars: Engagement, Productivity, Integrity, Collaboration, and Communication.

In this session you will learn the keys to implementing each pillar of the EPICC team model, why it’s imperative to start looking at leadership from a people perspective, and tools to help their teams be more productive and more motivated.

As John Quincy Adams said – “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”



Seven Principles of Networking

Rita Goodroe

Presented by Rita Goodroe, Women’s Business Garden, LLC
The key to networking is effective relationship building. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you already have everything you need to build and leverage relationships.

Master these seven principles and your:

  • Networking will be fruitful
  • Sales will increase
  • Opportunities will multiply

And, most importantly, you’ll have a healthy relationship with your business.



Killing Me Softly: Is Stress Influencing Your Genes?

Shaughanassee Williams

Presented by Dr. Shaughanassee Williams, DNP, CNM, HealthyHER Center for Women’s Care
Women in business are commonly stretched thin and stressed out. Stress can become a symbol of honor among industry leaders attesting to the long hours and intense efforts often viewed as a part of the territory for achieving success. However, work productivity is decreased when health longevity is threatened. Developing research suggests that chronic stress effects women’s genetic makeup leading to increased risk of mood disorder, heart concerns, tumor development, and possible cancer. Nonetheless, high stress does not have to kill you!

Learn practical solutions to help you cope with increased stress that will reduce your health risks and increase wellness. Self-care is the best healthcare.

Workshop take-a-ways include:

  1. Understanding the negative effects of chronic stress on women’s health
  2. Practical solutions to achieve wellness



The Most Powerful Leadership Tool – The Question How to Move People From Here to Full Potential

Libby Dishner

Presented by Libby Dishner, Cresco Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Learn how to get superior results from your team in a way that makes a deeper connection, builds trust and engagement. Oh, and you don’t have to do the work yourself or have all the answers! This workshop covers the three most important skills for you to start coaching your team today.

  1. The GEMS of asking questions – what results you can achieve as a result of coaching instead of telling
  2. The mindset – what needs to change in how you think to use coaching questions successfully
  3. A framework for coaching conversations – the questions you ask that lead to big changes



Winning First Impressions

Meredith Ehler

Presented by Meredith Ehler, Meredith Ehler Enterprises
First impressions are lasting. In this seminar you will learn how to make sure yours are “winning”! It is so important to look put-together & polished. Meredith Ehler will teach you tips & tricks to help you create fresh and beautiful looks for your make-up and wardrobe. Your look should be flattering and stylish. Meredith will teach you how to avoid common makeup mistakes and will show you how to create looks that will last all day. She will share which wardrobe staples every woman needs and help you to avoid common mistakes every woman faces.



Influencer Marketing: Get Social Media Rock Stars Talking About Your Brand & Organization

Karen Bate
Angelica Talan

Presented by Karen Bate, KB Concepts P.R. and Angelica Talan, Angelica In the City
Influencers are social media rock stars whose opinions and recommendations are closely followed by their legions of dedicated fans. How do you get these rock stars to engage with and talk about you and your organization or brand?

This interactive, 40-minute presentation will crack the social code and teach participants how to identify, target and work with influencers. Karen Bate, Founder & CEO of KB Concepts P.R. and Angelica Talan, DC and national blogger and social media influencer, provide key tips on common mistakes to avoid and the lowdown on what top influencers want and need. Attendees will leave armed with clear examples of winning influencer strategies, and the confidence and know-how to rock their own successful social media campaigns.



The Pursuit of EXCELLENCE

Andrea Campbell

Presented by Andrea D. Campbell, Andrea Campbell, LLC
Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act but a habit.” If that is true, then EXCELLENCE is not just an act of DOing, but it’s also a state of BEing.

In this energetic and thought-provoking presentation, you will be provided tools that will help you create success through EXCELLENCE in all areas of your life.

With confidence and grace, you will gain the following insight:

  • Who You Are At Your Core
  • How Paradigms Create Reality
  • How EXCELLENCE Creates Success



Keys to Power – “Surround Yourself With Powerful People!”

Jan Molino

Presented by Jan Molino, Aspire Ascend – “Advancing Women’s Achievements”
The biggest key to building power is to surround yourself with powerful people—your network is your power. Building strong alliances and strategic networks are critical for today’s leader. Your mandate as a senior leader is to have and use your power. Getting comfortable and learning the tools to building and influencing a “power network” is critical for success.

Strategic networking creates a “Virtuous Cycle”: A more powerful network increases your visibility, and that visibility increases your power and status, which in turn increases your ability to build and maintain the right kind of relationships that will help you get more done more easily and efficiently. The time you spend on building your power network has a demonstrative impact on your success as a leader.

As a senior executive, you have a busy life. You probably travel often and deal with complicated client/customer situations. And, if you’re a woman executive, you often add to your responsibilities and make sure the kids have childcare when they are sick and remain in charge of other household work.

So, female executives in particular have to make the most out of their time and make sure that networking efforts yield the highest value results. Your efforts should be on strategically building relationships with powerful people.

In this presentation, you will learn how to do that. We will discuss the critical areas of power and relationships, social networks and influence, communications and your image – how you come across to others – and how to enhance it. You will gain a deeper understanding of professional and social networks, and techniques to influence individuals and groups.



Session 2 – 11:00 a.m.—11:45 a.m.

Take the LEAP: 5 Signals That It’s Time to Move On

Dr. Saundra Wall Williams

Presented by Dr. Saundra Wall Williams, Vision Building Institute for Women
There is nothing more frustrating than remaining stuck in the old when it’s time to embrace a new career, new job, new relationship, or start a new business. We all want to move forward in life; but, how do you know when it’s time to embrace change and transition to something new? What are the signals that it’s time to change and transition? Why stay in a role that is a terrible fit for you?

In this presentation, Executive Leadership Coach Dr. Saundra Wall Williams will help participants discover and explore the five signals that indicate “it’s time to move on.” Taken from her 30 plus years of leadership, she will also discuss specifics strategies to apply when it’s time to leave a job, business or career and take the LEAP to change directions or step into a new phase in your life.



Your Most Important Business Decision: Who You Hire

Jennifer Brown

Presented by Jennifer Brown, PeopleTactics
The biggest strength and competitive advantage you can offer your clients, team and partners is the quality of your people.

Did you know that a bad hire can cost upwards of $250,000! That’s why hiring talent that aligns with your company’s values, practices, and quality of service is the most important decision you’ll make for your business. A new hire has the potential to either catapult your business to heights you never thought possible or sink it into the ground.

In this session, you’ll discover strategies and tactics for effective recruiting, interviewing, and candidate selection. In addition, you will be granted exclusive insider access to the tools you need to build the dream team your company deserves.

This “must-attend” session is for anyone who wants a recruiting and interviewing process that guarantees better hires and achieves your business goals.



Maintaining Your Sanity in a Chaotic World!

Marianne Clyde

Presented by Marianne Clyde, Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy
Taking real time examples of workplace stress, Marianne Clyde, expert in Mental Health in the Workplace and author of the bestselling book, Zentivity: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress & Discontent in Your Workplace, will give practical, effective methods for relieving that chaotic feeling where your mind is swirling out of control. She will also teach you how to change your brain to minimize the reactivity to stress over time. Your active participation is welcomed and encouraged.



What’s Your Story: Using Your Story to Increase Your Impact and Income

Star Bobatoon

Presented by Star Bobatoon, Star Consulting, LLC
Whether it’s an audience of one or 1,000, an authentic, well-told story that reveals the heart of your business can increase your income and raise your revenue. Your success can also be sabotaged by a hidden, limiting story you believe about yourself.

Working on one story without addressing the other, shortchanges both you and your clients. Learn how to identify and transform both stories, and achieve the success you desire.

  • 4 things you want to accomplish every time you speak about your business
  • 3 easy steps to crafting your personal story
  • How to use your personal story to enhance your connection with your audience
  • How to recognize if your fears are blocking your success



How to Drive Your Business With Video

René Wells

Presented by René Wells, Apus Media Inc.
How to drive your business with video will enable you to harness the power of video for a successful business promotion and customer conversions. During this session you will understand which videos works best for your strategy, where to put your videos, and how to use videos in social media.



Confessions of a Business Lender: How to REALLY Get the Right Capital at the Right Time for Your Business Needs

Jenn Mathis

Presented by Jenn Mathis, One Degree Capital
It’s time to pull back the curtain on business lending. Business capital is a confusing marketplace, now more than ever. From bank loans to online lending to crowdfunding to raising private equity – with all these options for securing capital, how can you as a business owner ever figure out what’s best for you and your unique business?

For over 15 years I helped business owner’s identify and secure the right financing for their unique needs. More importantly, I’ve helped business owners AVOID making potentially disastrous financial missteps, and even helped a few out of jams they inadvertently found themselves in.

In 2010, I co-founded One Degree Capital with one goal: to be the nation’s most trusted Business Capital Advisor.

In my highly engaging session, I will show you:

  • What’s really going on that’s led to today’s difficult business lending environment
  • What the “wrong” type of capital looks like and how to avoid it
  • How the “wrong” timing of capital can derail your best plans
  • The 5 Key Questions you should ask when seeking the RIGHT capital
  • The 4 Practical Steps you can take NOW to ensure you and your business are attractive to lenders (and investors) when you need financing story!



Operation Confident Journey

Monica Marusceac

Presented by Monica Marusceac, Peak Performance Associates LLC/NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness
The story of my journey from being a chubby, nerdy, immigrant girl to becoming the second female to pilot a AV-8B Harrier jump jet in combat in the Marine Corps. I will weave together harrowing stories about my time landing on an aircraft carrier, with stories about walking into a roomful of male jet pilots who did not want women in their midst, with stories about starting a business from scratch in a new and often misunderstood field.

I will describe three different techniques I used throughout my journey to transcend fear and generate a confident mindset almost instantly, both in stressful situations on the ground and near-death experiences and how I use those same techniques to this day in stressful situations similar to the ones the audience likely encounters in their personal and professional lives.



Have It ALL

Keri Shull

Presented by Keri Shull, The Keri Shull Team
As women, mothers, wives, and business leaders, for many of us the list of what’s left to do can be long at the end of each day. The cycle of never feeling caught up leads to feeling overwhelmed, guilt, and a lack of self-care. This session will be about how to get rid of guilt and live a more passionate purposeful life.

In this session, we will identify your top priorities and be realistic about what is getting in the way. We will use a simple formula to eliminate time-wasters and have you leave the room ready to conquer your schedule and live a more purposeful life.



Session 3 – 12:00 p.m.—12:45 p.m.

Stop Talking. Take Action! Time to LAUNCH Your Career Through Power Partners.

Jen Du Plessis

Presented by Jen Du Plessis, Kinetic Spark Consulting, LLC
Tired of superficial connections that take you nowhere? Spending hours meeting people for “coffee” with little to no results? This session is for you! You know WHAT to do, but do your really know HOW to get the results you desire?

Jen will share the exact steps on how to exchange, expose, and explore your business – while developing richer relationships along the journey.

If you are seeking the leadership skills to develop your personal and professional growth; and bridge the cap between activities and results; grab a seat, hold on because you are about to launch!



The 168 Hour Theory of Entrepreneurial Success

Nikki Trowbridge

Presented by Nikki Trowbridge, The Statements Project
Learn the four components of a project driven, balanced, fluid time budget:

  1. Restorative
  2. Income Producing
  3. Intellectual/Educational
  4. Personal/Family

In this class we will calculate the entrepreneurial investment to developing your time budget to; magnify your income producing hours and scale your business; re-establish the important role or renewing rest in your hustle; feed your potential with enhancing continued education; nurture your personal/family time to re-energize your focus.



A Women’s Guide to Navigating Breast Cancer Detection/Management When the Rules Keep Changing on Us!

Dr. Virginia Chiantella

Presented by Dr. Virginia Chiantella MD, FACS, Inova Loudoun Hospital
We often hear that “one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.” But, what does this statement really mean? Join Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Virginia Chiantella, as she demystifies current information and guidelines by having a candid discussion about how to navigate the sometimes conflicting issues of “when” and “how” to be screened. Her talk will include recommended guidelines women should follow and review the questions you can ask your doctor to determine risk factors associated with family history and genetics.



Your Fortune Is in Your Follow Up: 3 Keys to Creating Highly Effective Messages

Lisa Shaughnessy

Presented by Lisa Shaughnessy, inkerB Consulting LLC
Whether you own a business, or work for someone else, you’ve most likely been involved in one or more of these: winning new business, working with current clients, client retention, increasing repeat business, and exploring opportunities. Each of these requires following up with someone to get the outcome you’re looking for.

However, not all follow up messages are created equal. If your email or phone conversation doesn’t connect with the other person, you run the risk of losing a potential client or missing a coveted opportunity. In this presentation we will explore 3 best practices for creating personalized and powerful follow up messages to build relationships, increase your bottom line, and make the most of opportunities:

  1. How to define what you want your follow up message to achieve
  2. Where to find the right information for each message
  3. Tips for constructing your message for maximum effect



Big Brand Tactic to Dress Your Business for Your Target Clients

Jennifer Andos

Presented by Jennifer Andos, Paperfish Creative
Stop thinking of your branding as just your logo. While being trained by Fortune 100 companies’ branding groups I learned how to design communications appropriately for different client channels and still be brand consistent.

Just like you would dress differently for a picnic than you would for a meeting, you should customize your branding to dress your business for your unique target clients. I will teach you what to keep to stay true to your logo and branding, and what you can adjust to attract different types of clients or to attract your ideal client in places you didn’t expect.



“Branding & Marketing Are NOT the Same. And It Matters!”

Jen Dalton

Presented by Jen Dalton, BrandMirror
Many companies jump right into marketing and miss the critical step of understanding their brand. In this session, Jen Dalton will discuss the key steps in the branding process and how critical it is to define brand strategy and what it means to an organization. She will share what key questions need to be answered before launching any marketing campaign or effort. If the branding is off, then without a doubt the marketing efforts will suffer.

Don’t waste marketing time, money, and resources, join Jen in this workshop and identify the key steps to understand your current brand and what may be missing that is holding back the success of your marketing efforts. She will leverage real examples and share her expertise so you can deliver a brand worth buying and marketing that can make it happen.



How to Build Your Own Personal Advisory Board

Jen Hecht

Presented by Jen Hecht, The Dating Advisory Board
I will be talking about the importance of how to build your own personal advisory board. Successful businesses have board members to keep the company growing and thriving. I believe we should have a similar board in our personal lives. Here are the key points that I will cover during my presentation.

  1. Importance of positivity
  2. How to seek mentors and coaches
  3. Steps to owning the reflection in the mirror
  4. Steps on how to build your board



Setting Relationships up for Success

Alison Mullins

Presented by Alison Mullins, Rich Rosenthal Brincefield Manitta Dzubin & Kroeger, LLP
This seminar is about fostering positive relationships through contracts. The success of a relationship is primarily about expectations – setting, managing, and meeting expectations. In business, contracts are the key method by which expectations are set. Contracts are important for your business both internally (employment, and shareholder agreements) and externally (client, and vendor agreements). This presentation blends the black and white letter of the law with the personal side of contracts.



Keynote Lunch – 12:55 p.m.—2:30 p.m.
12:55 p.m.
Meet and Greet



Opening Remarks








2:30 p.m.
Power Networking-Dessert Served in the Exhibit Hall


Session 4 – 3:15 p.m.—4:00 p.m.

Keep (the Lack of) Feedback from being a Pain in Your Career! Seek it, have Happy Clients, and Grow Rich!

Carole Stizza

Presented by Carole Stizza, Relevant Insight LLC
When did feedback become such a pain in the career?

Exponential growth occurs when feedback is welcomed. I’m not talking rainbows-and-unicorns feedback; I’m talking real, true, constructive guidance that helps improve communication, collaboration, and makes clients LOVE YOU! In recent years, Business Owners and Leaders have distanced themselves from “feedback,” opting to either ignore what is uncomfortable, sandwich it between sugar slices, or gloss over it entirely, and in doing so, they have lost opportunities, revenue potential, and great clients. After all, the worst feedback isn’t negative; the worst feedback is no feedback at all.

I have a soft spot for SOLID feedback, and it’s not just because I find it the most effective way for people to become relevant in their success. It’s because specific, positive, supportive feedback is contagious! It’s because the more available we are to asking and receiving feedback, the better we are at giving it, and taken seriously. It’s because we are all not-so-secretly craving feedback all the time, whether we think we need it or not. Come find out exactly how to gain the right feedback today, learn to LOVE IT, and elevate your success in your own life as well as those around you.



Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day – or Less!

Linda Griffin

Presented by Linda Griffin, Expert Author 411
Almost all of your potential customers start their buying research on the internet. Did you know Google now rewards companies who produce better content with higher search engine rankings? The best way to get to the top of the Google Listings is to produce content designed to establish you as the “go to” expert in your field.

The problem business owner’s face is the time it takes to create great content. In this interactive session, attendees will receive a proven roadmap to create client attracting content in 30 minutes a day or less. Linda Griffin will teach you her Rapid Content System to build a treasure chest of search engine loving content guaranteed to attract your best clientele.



Teach to Grow Your Reach: How to Grow Your Audience and Increase Revenue With Webinars and Online Courses

Tammy Bjelland

Presented by Tammy Bjelland, Learning in Bloom
The demand for lifelong learning is growing every day. In this workshop, you will learn how you can capitalize on the growing learning industry by selling your own education products that showcase your expertise. By reviewing case studies and concrete examples of existing online course and webinars, you will brainstorm and identify your next topic and objectives for your learning event.

Additionally, your will get step-by-step instructions for how to build your audience and create additional revenue streams for your business by packaging and selling your unique combinations of knowledge, skills, experience, and personality.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  1. Choose a topic, objectives, and structure for their next webinar or online course
  2. Identify free and low-cost tools to create and sell webinars and courses
  3. Outline their course development plan

A complete course outline example along with additional resources, worksheets, and templates will be provided, so that you can follow through on your plan quickly and easily.



Four Skills Guaranteed to Bring You More Happiness in Your Life

Cindy Battino

Presented by Cindy Battino, BHSP, Transformational Healing
There are four skills that are essential to find more happiness in your life. These four skills are: Witnessing, Curiosity, Parts of Self, and The Process of Self-Discovery. Once you learn, practice and use these skills diligently – even just one of these skills – you are guaranteed to find happy. Why? These skills give you a new lens to look at yourself and your life. They invite you to stop judging and assuming so that you can ask the important questions.

There is a GREAT reason why you do everything you do, from the most rational to the most irrational. It’s time to shed some guilt and shame. It’s time to start OWNING the beautiful and not so beautiful parts of your own self. You are perfectly imperfect. Creating understanding, learning to ask the questions and finding the WHY (without judgment) are the keys to you finding more happiness in your life.



Mastermind RoundTable Talks

The Art of the 1 on 1

Geoff Crawley

Presented by Geoff Crawley, Your Networking Ninja
Connections are made at networking events, while socializing, really almost anywhere, but that is not where the money is made. The money is made at the 1 to 1. How do you convert connections into 1 to 1’s into money? A great 1 to 1 is an art, and we’ll learn how to do it.



Trademark and Copyright Law Made Simple

Radiance Harris

Presented by Radiance W. Harris, Radiance IP Law
Are you confused about trademark and copyright protection for your business? This interactive session will teach you the dos and don’ts of trademark and copyright law. Attend this session, and learn tactics and strategies that will keep you out of the legal hot seat. Attendees will learn how to trademark their brand assets, copyright their created content, and minimize the risk of trademark and copyright infringement in their business practices.



Places Have Power! Transform Yours Into Someplace Extraordinary!

Barbara Quast

Presented by Barbara Quast, Barbara Quast Interior Design, Inc.
Our surroundings greatly impact our sense of well-being, as well as our effectiveness. Learn how to make your home and work space leave you feeling happy, inspired and ready to take on all that you’re up to.



To SWaM or Not To?

Tracey Wiley

Presented by Tracey G. Wiley, Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity
This is an important business question, one that you must answer in order to be more competitive in Virginia’s procurement process. The cost of doing business requires you to align your goals and strategies with certifications, licenses, and process requirements. Each day as a business owner, you must decide “how will I invest in my company?” Certification is just one of those marketing tools to consider. In recent years, Virginia’s Small, Women and Minority (SWaM) Owned Business initiative has procured more than 2.4B in discretionary expenditures with companies that elect to choose certification. Ninety five (95%) of the businesses in Virginia are Small and Women are the fastest growing segment in the country. It is a Choice that allows business that meet the eligibility requirements to have greater access to new opportunities in the public sector. Is this the investment for you?



Insider Marketing: Tips That Work For Any Business

Bonnie Taylor

Presented by Bonnie Taylor, CCS Innovations, LLC
Anyone in business understands that while marketing is a vital investment that can directly impact growth and profitability, determining the path to reaching that growth and maximizing ROI isn’t always a simple process. It involves choosing appropriate activities while targeting their release and maintaining a style that matches your brand and buying audience. Fortunately there are rules that apply, no matter what size or type of business, that will help lead to success through marketing. This roundtable will discuss these rules and additional tips marketers use when creating marketing programs.



Closing – 4:15 p.m.—5:00 p.m.
Tiffany Largie


Networking Reception – 5:00 p.m.—6:30 p.m.
Exhibit Hall